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What’s Poliamor Madrid?

“Poliamor Madrid” is a group focused on disseminating polyamory as a model for emotional relationships. We support those seeking to establish polyamorous or relational anarchist relationships. We offer resources to develop skills on emotional management, improved communication, negotiation of limits, establishing agreements and many other tools needed to succeed in creating and maintaining non-monogamous relationships in a mutually agreed, ethical and responsible way.

Besides, we promote political and social change to create the legal framework needed to develop the civil rights of those living in non-monogamy.

We organize ourselves as an association established in Madrid, Spain, which works as an open assembly. This association includes several work groups which are in charge of the daily management of the association and of organising its activities and events. Those who are part of those groups are also part of the organisation and the assembly which take any decision affecting the association as a whole.

Everyone is welcome to join us in our activities. If you are interested in participating in the organisation actively, you just need to join one of our work groups. Contact us via and we will tell you more.

Poliamor Madrid is a feminist group open to all genders and sexual orientations. Our aim is to create positive and safe spaces where everyone feels comfortable. That is the season why we have a Protection Point ( you can address in case you have suffered or witnessed in one of our events any situation non complying with our rules.

We are a non-profit association and all our organisers work as altruistic volunteers. We have a Teaming account for those interested in collaborating financially to help support our activities.

Contact Poliamor Madrid

You can contact Poliamor Madrid and keep yourself updated on our activities using these channels:



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